| ART | Tyler Coburn brings the voice of Siri, live to New York March 29




Curated by Rachel Valinsky

Sunday, March 29th, 4-6:30 PM
Judson Memorial Church
55 Washington Square South, New York

Tyler Coburn
Ian Hatcher
Lanny Jordan Jackson
Research Service

NYPAC is pleased to announce User Agent, a program of performances at Judson Memorial Church onMarch 29th, 2015.

Curated by Rachel Valinsky, User Agent presents four works that interrogate our relationship to devices, software, and technological apparatuses, often complicating our perception of these systems’ cognitive faculties and capacity for agency. Derived from computing, the term “user agent” refers to software that acts on behalf of a user. In other words, the software is a performer, enacting a functional, operational task. Through a sustained engagement with the language and codes of these technologies, the pieces inUser Agent blur the boundaries of user and agent, subject and object, agency and automation, and propose new ways we might consider the technologies that shape communication, movement, and speech.


Tyler Coburn, NaturallySpeaking, 2013/2014: NaturallySpeaking is an experimental essay performed live for the first time by Susan Bennett, the original voice of Siri, Apple’s speech recognition software. The essay retells famous stories of the births and afterlives of the voice: from Edison’s attempt to make his phonograph a device through which every sound in the history of the world again might be heard, to the robotic dogs and chatbots of early AI, and the scene in Rabelais’s Gargantua and Pantagruel, when the warming air thaws the frozen sounds of a past battle. As Bennett reads, a projected screensaver tracks the melting of an ice sculpture of Pantagruel’s ship. NaturallySpeaking was commissioned for the publication You Are Here: Art After the Internet (Cornerhouse Books, 2014) and presented in 2014 as an installation in the exhibition “La Voix Humaine” at Kunstverein Munich. It has screened as a single-channel video with voiceover by Susan Bennett in “Art Post-Internet” at the Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing.

Ian Hatcher, Drone Pilot v0.2, 2015: In Ian Hatcher’s DronePilot v0.2, a seemingly endless flow of software-driven text flickers and streams rapidly across a screen, expanding and contracting from the smallest word particle to a multi-word column. Hatcher performs at astonishing speed a reading of this text, even as it is occasionally interrupted — silenced — when the screen goes dark.

Lanny Jordan Jackson, Young Blood, 2014/2015: Lanny Jordan Jackson will present a new work titledYoung Blood (2015): an elliptical and provisional monologue via microphone and projector, helmet and shield, assessing the remains of a failed film project.

Research Service, Systems Say What Words Cannot, 2015: In this performance-lecture, the three members of Research Service (Avi Alpert, Mashinka Firunts, and Danny Snelson) each deliver a brief statement on the relationship between automation and embodiment. Three virtual avatars choreograph their movements as they speak. Their instructions lead to variations on each lecture. This event commemorates the passing of Eugene Goostman.

Artist biographies are available at nypac.org. Image: Tyler Coburn, NaturallySpeaking, 2013/14. Text, screensaver, monitors, furniture. Detail: screensaver. Dimensions variable. Courtesy of the artist.

For further information, please contact Samuel Draxler at samuel@nypac.org.

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| SAVE THE DATE | Vestoj Storytelling March 29 at PS1 MOMA


The Vestoj Storytelling Salon
with Pat Cleveland, Glenn O’Brien, Mary McFadden, Andre Walker, Joan Juliet Buck and Dapper Dan.
Saturday March 29 2015 
12 noon – 6 pm
Hosted by Anja Aronowsky Cronberg & Vestoj – the Journal of Sartorial Matters
Produced by MoMA PS1 & Fondation Galeries Lafayette
The Vestoj Storytelling Salon brings together six people who have shaped the New York fashion scene over the past five decades. 
Throughout the day each will tell a story directly affiliated with their life, all connected through their common narrative based on material memories, and woven around or linked to a garment or object. Taking care to avoid barriers between storyteller and audience, the response of the listeners will influence and inform the ebb and flow of the stories themselves, effectively turning listeners into co-creators of each story as it’s being experienced. 
The Vestoj Storytelling Salon provides an opportunity to reflect on how grander social and cultural narratives impact on the lives of individuals and how objects of desire could be read as a map to our past, here momentarily resurrected as textile memento moris. 
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| FLASHBACK | Friday

Every Friday we are going to ‘Flashback’ to moments that need to be preserved for their impact on how we think about, look at, and react to modern design in fashion and culture, today and tomorrow.

Elsa Schiaparelli


Elsa Schiaparelli Evening Belt, 1934

| HERO | Champion


Founded: as Knickerbocker Knitting Company by Abe and Bill Fainbloom, in 1919. Company History: Named changed to Champion Knitting Mills, Inc.; introduced reversible t-shirts for Navy training, 1940s; introduced the Jogbra, 1977; acquired by Sara Lee Corporation; official outfitter for U.S. Oylmpic basketball team, 1992; official sponsor and apparel licensee of WNBA, 1996; launched children’s roller hockey line, 1997; debuted collection of backpacks and sports bags, 1999; introduced Fiberzone and Double Dry Bodywear lines, 2000; signed on as exclusive outfitter of the XFL, 2000; launched Tactel line of activewear and Champion Silver line, 2001. Company Address: 1000 E. Hanes Mill Road, Winston Salem, NC 27105, U.S.A. Company Websites: www.championusa.com

Read more: http://www.fashionencyclopedia.com/Ch-Da/Champion-Products-Inc.html#ixzz3Ua4TdayZ