| SSWTR & Friends | Amy Yao

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Mathew Gallery is pleased to announce Boom Time Ecosystems, a solo exhibition by Amy Yao.

The exhibition features a new series of photographs of so perceived empty spaces, sites of production. They are raw spaces that once might facilitate our daily necessities, empty structures waiting for their purpose and identity yet to be fully constructed.

Projections of possible future consumerist satisfactions present themselves as cutesy icons on these photographs, they often imply an idea of an insatiable appetite that must keep going.

Like the flow of capital that eats up its own son, their tastiness is manipulative while at the same time abject. Like a cupcake waiting to inhabit your mouth and stomach, flooding your brain with the pleasures of a sugar rush.

Likewise, a set of abraded marble steps at the center of the gallery embody their own future past: Never used, but all used up.

All heavy yet empty shells of something once loved or hugging the body, a teddy bear, tampon and baby doll reflect on the pathos of closeness. These Castaways, found on beaches from Los Angeles to Hainan Island, China and cast in aluminium present the drama of what was forgotten or lost; or the projections we place on them when seeing them floating in the ocean or washed up on the beach – shipwrecked.

Tune in to Mathew Community Radio on Berlin Community Radio this Tuesday, October 21st, at 7PM with special guest: Amy Yao.

Schaperstrasse 12
10719 Berlin, Germany
0049 / 30 / 21021921

| ART | Sterling Ruby

c939a403f955b58f7751fc74793b88bfAt Gagosian, Hong Kong.

SP301​, 2014
Spray paint on synthetic canvas
96 x 84 inches (243.8 x 213.4 cm)

Photo by Robert Wedemeyer