| FLASHBACK | Ann Sofie Back AW 2009

Every friday we are going to ‘Flashback’ to moments that need to be preserved for their impact on how we look at, think about, and react to modern design in fashion and culture, today and tomorrow.


Ann Sofie Back

Before Twilight, was this collection from Ann-Sofie Back. Landmark.


| ART | Ridley Howard at Koenig & Clinton


Ridley Howard, Rooftops, 2014, oil on linen, 36 x 30 in (91.44 x 76.2 cm)


Ridley Howard: City Waves

October 30-December 13, 2014

Opening Reception: Thursday, October 30, 6-8PM

Koenig & Clinton 459 W 19th St

The imagery presented in City Waves conjures fleeting memory and traces of the artist’s autobiography, simultaneously intimate and distant. Time and space meld into graphic composition; such familiar sights as a commuter ferry, a snow-covered park, or a couple in repose, amplify our perception of dimensionality, color, and duration. Howard’s keen observations of the familiar or the mundane yield an experience far more complex than it initially appears.

Inspired in part by the visual tension of mid-20th century Italian cinematography, City Waves balances optical design and two-dimensional arrangement with elusive narrative. Occasional graphic overtures-large spiraling swaths of pale green, off-kilter skyscrapers, monochromatic playground structures-imbue banal architectural spaces with intrigue, encouraging the viewer to identify the point where fact ends and fiction begins.

| NOW | Godard in 3-D “Good-bye to Language”

263DFILMS5-articleLargephoto by Jean-Paul Battaggia

From the New York Times :

…All of this is accompanied by Mr. Godard’s usual eclectic collage of quotations, pronouncements and references, ranging from Céline to Rilke to the YouTube dog video “Husky sings with baby.” But 3-D adds yet another layer to his experimentation, and represents another phase in his career-long resistance to conventions, not only artistic but also those fostered by new forms of technology: from film to video to the digital age and now to 3-D. In “Goodbye to Language,” Mr. Godard once again finds uncharted depths and dimensions in cinema. By NICOLAS RAPOLD


| HERO | Joan Didion

Joan Didion

We Tell Ourselves Stories In Order to Live is the first and only documentary being made about Joan Didion. While her writing is fierce and exposed, Joan herself is an incredibly private person. We have the privilege to know Joan as a subject and also as a member of our family. Our director, Griffin Dunne, has known Joan his entire life. Joining Griffin as co-director is award-winning filmmaker, Susanne Rostock.