| TIME | Ethics and Aesthetics = Sustainable Fashion


“Fashion presents a particular environmental challenge due to its emphasis on constant change and planned obsolescence. According to a recent Cambridge University study, garment production and care represent a major pollutant as a result of great energy expenditure and the use of toxic chemicals. Meanwhile, the number of clothes manufactured and consumed has been steadily increasing as prices have declined due to lower manufacturing standards and labor conditions. 1 This phenomenon is in part related to the rise of fast fashion, which changes much more quickly than seasonally-based designer fashion. ””

“Rethink” seeks to directly question the fashion cycle and its dependence on fast and constant change by suggesting a paradigm shift in how we think about fashion. Artists such as Andrea Zittel and Tiprin Follett of the smockshop, Kelly Cobb and Zoë Sheehan Saldaña, as well as the design company Slow and Steady Wins the Race promote a slower fashion tempo by suggesting novel ways to produce and consume fashion. Their practices foster the creation of meaningful networks and relations through clothing as well as challeng – ing the seasonality of the fashion trade. They remind us that fashion “is about a richer interaction between designer and maker; maker and garment; garment and user. A strong bond of relationship is formed which permeates far beyond the garment manufacturing chain and influences the way our clothes are designed and used. ”

4 Slow and Steady Wins the Race makes non-seasonal quality designs that, in line with a product design model, are avail – able year-round for a number of years. Inspired by the local food movement, Kelly Cobb ’s collaborative project under – scores the labor-intensive nature of making clothes by pro – ducing a suit with material and craftspeople located within 100 miles of her home. Zoë Sheehan Saldaña also emphasiz – es the labor involved in producing a garment by recreating Wal-Mart garments by hand. She later returns her handmade version to the store for resale in lieu of the ones she originally purchased.

-Francesca Granata + Sarah Scaturro

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| SSWTR & Friends | Cass McCombs Wave a Flag for Harvey Milk

Sunday Reading.

Wave A Flag For Harvey Milk, is such a treat to see. Greg still has the creative and unique perspective that I have always known him to posses since the first days that I spent becoming his friend.”
Wave A Flag For Harvey Milk 
is a sing-along coloring book that introduces young children to the inspiring life of the late, great Harvey Milk.
Each book contains a link to download Mr. Greg and Cass McCombs’ recording of the song Wave A Flag ForHarvey Milk.
“Each year, my preschool class in San Francisco leads an assembly in honor of Harvey Milk. After searching fruitlessly for an age appropriate book or song about Harvey Milk to share with my preschoolers, I decided to write and illustrate one myself. I wrote Wave A Flag ForHarvey Milk as a way to introduce the preschoolers to the positive things that Harvey Milk did for San Franciscans in particular, and the LGBT community at large. The words of the book are the lyrics to an accompanying song that I sing with my students.” -Mr. Greg #cassmccombs #harveymilk #mrgreg
$10 to purchase

| NOW | Cass McCombs and Phil Lesh

Today, Phil Lesh revealed that he will be playing a string of four free shows this week at his venue, Terrapin Crossroads, in San Rafael, California. Dubbed the “Dead of Winter,” Lesh’s run at Terrapin Crossroads will see the Grateful Dead bassist inviting a number of other high-profile musicians during the bar performances, including the likes of Cass McCombsNeal Casal (Chris Robinson Brotherhood and Circles Around The Sun), Stu AllenAdam MacDougallDan “Lebo” LebowitzGrahame LeshRoss JamesScott Guberman, and Alex Koford.

EXCLUSIVE: Neal Casal Talks CRB, LSD, & The Future Of Circles Around The Sun

Phil Lesh’s “Dead of Winter” bar show run at Terrapin Crossroads starts tonight and continues across the 9th, 10th, and 11th of January.

Details here. 

| 1. 12 Angry Men by Sidney Lumet | Things in the Slow and Steady Wins the Race Time Capsule



Martin Balsam

Henry Fonda

John Fiedler

Jack Warden

E. G. Marshall

Jack Klugman

Edward Binns

Lee J. Cobb

Joseph Sweeney

George Voskovec

Ed Begley

Robert Webber

“We’re talking about somebody’s life here,” Henry Fonda’s character says. “We can’t decide in five minutes. Supposing we’re wrong?”

Executed with stark simplicity and a measured directness, this 1957 masterpiece by Sidney Lumet is about the importance of time. Time to examine all the facts. Time needed to deliberate. Time for fairness. Clarity is aided by the use of time. Roger Ebert’s review applauded Lumet’s consistent regard and respect for the “audience’s intelligence” through his directing and storytelling. This film is a reminder, especially now, to pause and carefully consider all the facts and the veracity of the conclusion.