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‘2192 Days and Counting’
Artist Statement :
i hope to find you at the end of this
is a durational and iterative process that focuses on the yearning for a lover who is no longer around and a past that cannot be relived. It is an attempt to be honest with one self by tracing the line back to her end, my beginning / through the whats and whys of her suicide and the hows
of moving forward.
Can one throw away the baggage of guilt, grief, and yearning? Would closure come more easily if mourning is dealt with frequently? Can time heal all things, if so, when?
The process is carried out every October 10, with the last iteration being put to rest when there is nothing left to yearn for and mourn for anymore.
– Chi Nguyen
(‘2192 Days and Counting’¬†First performed October 10, 2014 at Textile Arts Center from 5pm to Midnight


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