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Becca Albee, Colleen Asper, Beatriz Balanta, Cara Benedetto, Mary Walling Blackburn, Danielle Dean, Sophia Le Fraga, Jonah Groeneboer, Gordon Hall, Marika Kandelaki
Curated by Kristen Chappa
Opening Reception:
Friday, April 22, 6–8pmExhibition:
April 23–June 25, 2016

Art in General
Ground Floor Gallery
145 Plymouth Street (Map)
Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY 11201

Cara Benedetto, Wet Herds: Friday, April 22, 6-8pm
Gordon Hall, AND PER SE AND: Friday, May 6, 8-9pm
Gordon Hall, AND PER SE AND: Friday, June 24, 8-9pm

Press Release: Download PDF

Art in General presents Shifters, an exhibition of commissions, projects and performances that brings together a group of emerging contemporary artists whose practices are engaged with language.

The collective works on view investigate how various systems of communication and their attendant histories and ideologies are being reconsidered through the lens of gender today. The project speaks to theories arguing that language as a social agreement is not passive or fixed, but rather, it possesses the potential to reimagine structures of power. Shifters will inquire how conventions that organize how we read, listen, and relate to one another, have the capacity to be rethought and destabilized.

Language as an instrument can express, or repress, the self. Operating from a position of affinity between feminist and queer perspectives, language as both subject and object is placed in proximity to the body, revealing its ability to affect and control routines and behavior patterns such as the products we use, our belief systems, how we learn and identify. The exhibited works prompt questions into the type of subject that specific language systems presuppose and even create, and how new models might operate against outmoded binary, racist, or patriarchal practices.

Performing a type of linguistic alchemy, these artists defamiliarize language in order to make new meanings. The projects on view propose a changeability and latent potentiality in linguistic traditions that exact influence over our lives, bringing to light how ingrained writing or speech patterns are subject to revision, and have been modified over the course of history. Infusing administrative, contractual, religious, or corporate terminology with poetic or nonsensical gestures, abstraction and illegibility is put forth as a productive undoing of language.

Becca Albee was born in Portland, ME and lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. She received her MFA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and holds a BA from the Evergreen State College in Olympia, WA. Albee was a founding member of the punk rock riot grrrl band Excuse 17. She is has recently been included in solo and group exhibitions at The DUMP, Los Angeles; CAM Raleigh; 356 S. Mission Rd., Los Angeles; and C-o-o-l Art, Agoura Hills. Albee has also been featured in exhibitions at PiK, Cologne; Ortega y Gasset Projects, Queens; the Irish Museum of Modern Art, Dublin; Contemporary Calgary, Alberta; Publication Studio, Hudson; Apexart, New York; and Momenta Art, Brooklyn, amongst others.

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