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Darren Walker, president of the Ford Foundation, which financed the cultural plan’s research, said this kind of redistribution makes sense. While organizations like New York City Ballet, a Cultural Institutions Group member on whose board Mr. Walker serves, are important for tourism and other parts of the city’s economy, smaller arts groups outside Manhattan are also crucial, he said, and have a harder time.

“Larger organizations have more capacity to raise private funds” compared with arts groups “in low-income communities of color and in places like Staten Island,” he said.

“If culture in New York only means large, rich organizations, then we lose the lifeblood, which are the small, innovative, entrepreneurial, off-the-beaten track kind of organizations with small budgets that the city should also be funding,” Mr. Walker said. “If it’s not possible for those organizations to thrive anymore, New York will have all of the features of an unequal city.”

Excerpt from The New York Times

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