| NOW | OfficeUS at the Venice Biennale




A conversation around the topics to be explored in the 
United States Pavilion 
at the 14th International Architecture Exhibition –  
la Biennale di Venezia  
LOCATION: The Speechbuster at Rafael Viñoly Architects 
Wednesday May 14, 2014, 7pm 

Over the course of the Biennale, OfficeUS, an architecture group that aims to redefine the terms of design and production in architecture on a global scale with its first headquarters at the US Pavilion, will address 25 OfficeUS Issues, a set of narratives that trace and address pressing questions from the last hundred years of architectural thinking and practice to today.


OfficeUS will work over 25 weeks with a team of six OfficeUS Partners in residence in Venice, 90 OfficeUS Outposts offices around the world and a series of weekly visiting OfficeUS Experts towards the production of a new architectural lexicon.


We invite you to join us from 7 to 9pm for a public discussion with a group of architectural experts around the OfficeUS Issues. Interlocutors will include Kadambari Baxi, Barry Bergdoll, Beatrice Galilee, Rosalie Genevro, Jeffrey Johnson, Jane Harrison, Mimi Hoang, Jimenez Lai, Jack Massey, Michael Murphy, Anupama Rao, Andrew Ross, Cassim Sheppard, Felicity Scott, Ben Watson, Mabel Wilson among others.  The conversation will be moderated by Manuel Shvartzberg, OfficeUS Partner, and Eva Franch. 

This is the inaugural event of the Speechbuster Residency, a project that inserts public debate within private spaces with its first stop at Rafael Viñoly Architects in New York on 50 Vandam Street in New York.

This event is free and open to the public. RSVP required due to limited capacity. If you plan to attend, send an email to rsvp@storefrontnews.org.

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