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Balancing Act: Ferragamo Museum’s Equilibrium Exhibition

Equilibrium is on until April 2015 at the Salvatore Ferragamo Museum
Piazza Santa Trinita 5, Florence, Italy.

The exhibition, which covers the entire museum, is divided into several parts beginning with a selection of Ferragamo’s research including lasts, drawings and patents. The exhibition really unfolds in the next few rooms which trace our first ever footsteps taken by ancestors as far back as 3.6 million years ago in Africa. There are countless of artworks ranging from books and sculptures to paintings, each one inspired by walking and movement. Many iconic pieces include Rodin’s Edute pur le Saint Jean-Baptiste and Matisse’s Etude de pied. Other pieces  by Degas and Picasso celebrate circus performers, acrobats and dancers, all experts of equilibrium.

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