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Every friday we are going to ‘Flashback’ to moments that need to be preserved for their impact on how we look at, think about, and react to modern design in fashion and culture, today and tomorrow.

| FLASHBACK | The power of simplicity and ideas



I’ve often challenged retailers to get more emotional, more intuitive, more imaginative and aspire to a vision of the store I call a Theater of Dreams. During New York Fashion Week in September, I got to see that vision made real by the talented designer Mary Ping. In case you think I spent my time rushing around NY Fashion Week shows, Mary’s exhibition was held in our own Saatchi & Saatchi offices on Hudson Street. And very fitting it was too given that Mary’s company name is Slow & Steady Wins the Race. Yes, S&SWTR was an added bonus – if anyone who saw the show thought we were part of the creative brilliance, well, luck is where you find it!

For the New York show Mary worked with a local architectural firm, Bureau V, to present an installation they called Perfume Counter / Department Store / Wedding Dress. Bureau V also had its own exhibition of current projects in our space at the same time.

The installation was a mix of museum, store and entertainment center, exactly what I believe fantastic retail needs to be. Everything was priced at Ping’s signature price of $100 – and that means sunglasses, shirts and even, incredibly, the wedding dress. But Mary Ping is never stuck on formulas. I see she also has a three-tiered Luxe collection with prices stepping up from $1,000 to $10,000 to, yes, $100,000 for a Russian sable trench coat.

Mary Ping is a testament to the power of simplicity and ideas. Simply stunning.

Check out the SlowAndSteadyWinsTheRace website here.