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| SSWTR & Friends | Cass McCombs Wave a Flag for Harvey Milk

Sunday Reading.

Wave A Flag For Harvey Milk, is such a treat to see. Greg still has the creative and unique perspective that I have always known him to posses since the first days that I spent becoming his friend.”
Wave A Flag For Harvey Milk 
is a sing-along coloring book that introduces young children to the inspiring life of the late, great Harvey Milk.
Each book contains a link to download Mr. Greg and Cass McCombs’ recording of the song Wave A Flag ForHarvey Milk.
“Each year, my preschool class in San Francisco leads an assembly in honor of Harvey Milk. After searching fruitlessly for an age appropriate book or song about Harvey Milk to share with my preschoolers, I decided to write and illustrate one myself. I wrote Wave A Flag ForHarvey Milk as a way to introduce the preschoolers to the positive things that Harvey Milk did for San Franciscans in particular, and the LGBT community at large. The words of the book are the lyrics to an accompanying song that I sing with my students.” -Mr. Greg #cassmccombs #harveymilk #mrgreg
$10 to purchase

| NOW | Cass McCombs and Phil Lesh

Today, Phil Lesh revealed that he will be playing a string of four free shows this week at his venue, Terrapin Crossroads, in San Rafael, California. Dubbed the “Dead of Winter,” Lesh’s run at Terrapin Crossroads will see the Grateful Dead bassist inviting a number of other high-profile musicians during the bar performances, including the likes of Cass McCombsNeal Casal (Chris Robinson Brotherhood and Circles Around The Sun), Stu AllenAdam MacDougallDan “Lebo” LebowitzGrahame LeshRoss JamesScott Guberman, and Alex Koford.

EXCLUSIVE: Neal Casal Talks CRB, LSD, & The Future Of Circles Around The Sun

Phil Lesh’s “Dead of Winter” bar show run at Terrapin Crossroads starts tonight and continues across the 9th, 10th, and 11th of January.

Details here. 

| 7. Art by Albee and Connors | Things in the Slow and Steady Wins the Race Time Capsule for 2017

There are 7 days remaining in 2017 so we thought we would countdown and share with you some of the items and ideas we would put in our time capsule. For us they straddle the very specific space of the timely with the timeless; sometimes sublimely anachronistic, fundamentally classic, and are reflective of a value system we hold true to.

Matt Connors at Canada Gallery

From The New Yorker :

Lovely, jittery new paintings, bolstered by lyrical talent and philosophical suspense, affirm Connors’s status as a leader in contemporary abstraction. Each work takes a crack at discovery with some variant of strict or wobbly geometry, dense or scrappy composition, careful or flurried touch, and color that seems wrong, but you like it. Beauty keeps happening like something glimpsed by chance, neither quite intended nor fully grasped. What Connors is trying to get at may be unachievable, but his going for it beguiles.

Becca Albee at Situations Gallery

From Artnews:

“So that’s the kind of beginning walkthrough, this rotating light fixture that projects cyan, magenta, and yellow, which is to vibrate color,” Albee said. 

| NOW | OCC Market at Coming Soon


OCC Market at Coming Soon
December 18-23, 2017

Opening 12/18/17 5:30-7:30

37 Orchard St.

A shoppable exhibition of obsessive collections curated by Sight Unseen and Tetra co-
founder Monica Khemsurov, OCC Market opens December 18 at the Lower East Side

design boutique Coming Soon. Ten object enthusiasts in design, food, and fashion were
asked to contribute “Obsessive Compulsive Collections” consisting of at least 8
variations on a single archetype, including Sabrina De Sousa of Dimes (peppermills),
Daphne Correll of Correll Correll (Mexican candles), and Mary Ping of Slow and Steady
Wins the Race (clip-on earrings). Some contributed two, resulting in 12 collections that
will be on view and available for purchase in Coming Soon’s subterranean project space,
the Plyroom.

We amassed a collection of various vintage clip on earrings sourced from eBay, Etsy, and thrift shops. We went in search of timeless, sculptural, architectural, and unusual
takes on the clip-on, whether it be a 1960s Space Age Lucite starburst shape, or
modernist silver-tone half-cylindrical bars. Our favorites are the 1950s pea-soup colored
earrings with a pivot point connecting 3 blade-shaped pieces of Bakelite that you can
wear closed or spread open. We haven’t seen anything quite like them, but we wish we
designed them ourselves.