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| HERO | Taslima Akhter

Taslima Akhter is a Bangladeshi photographer and garment worker activist. Through her documentary yet sympathetic lens, severe conditions in which clothing workers in Bangladeshi struggled are exposed and structural oppression of the fashion industry under close examination. With activist Kalpona Akter, who is listed BoF500 this year, Akhter is another crucial female who helps promote social awareness in the profit driven industry.

Stitching Together: Garment Workers in Solidarity is a show featuring her photographic works alongside quilts that are made out of material donated by the victims’ relatives.

The exhibition is on view in Photoville at Dumbo through September 23. Click to see more info about the exhibition.

| HERO | Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky

In 1926, the Austrian architect Margarete Schütte-Lihotzky designed the revolutionary Frankfurt Kitchen, which became the prototype of the built-in kitchen design now prevalent in the western world. Through the Frankfurt project as well as many other work, she reconsidered domestic labor architecturally, shedding light on the previously uncontested gender issue in the male dominated field of modern architecture.

(Frankfurt Kitchen, Plan. image courtesy of MoMA)

As a communist activist who vehemently reacted to German Nazism throughout her life, Schütte-Lihotzky constantly engaged design with politics, believing that two functions simultaneously, as an inseparable, social whole.




FABSCRAP is a textile reuse and recycling resource in Brooklyn. The organization provides convenient pickup and recycling of commercial textile waste and fabric scraps from the design, fashion, and entertainment industries in New York City. As a new materials recovery resource, FABSCRAP aims to maximize diversion from landfill by engaging a network of students, schools, artists, crafters, designers, brands, industrial recyclers, and emerging technologies.

Textile recycling requires a lot of manpower. There is no mechanized system for sorting textiles by fiber or to remove stickers, staples, and fabric headers. On average, volunteers sort ~2,000 lbs of fabric every week at FABSCRAP. Learn how you can donate as a designer or help out as a volunteer at