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Donate to local, grassroots organizations.

Aside from nationwide organization like Planned Parenthood, NARAL, and the ACLU, there are many smaller reproductive-rights organizations that provide support and resources to people seeking abortion in their states. A few good places to give:

• Access Reproductive Care – Southeast: ARC is a volunteer organization that helps families in 12 states across the southeast access reproductive care.

• National Network of Abortion FundsNNAF is a network of more than 80 funds in at least 38 states that seeks to eliminate economic barriers for low-income individuals seeking an abortion.

• The Yellowhammer FundBased in Alabama, Yellowhammer not only provides funding for abortions at one of the city’s three clinics, but also helps with other barriers to access patients may face, such as travel or lodging. (Yellowhammer is part of NNAF.)

• Mississippi Reproductive Freedom FundRun entirely by volunteers, the Mississippi Reproductive Freedom Fund helps people access abortion, and provides both support and resources to parents.

• Women Have OptionsThis Ohio-based organization provides financial assistance and support to low-income patients seeking reproductive care, abortion included.

• National Asian Pacific American Women’s ForumNAPAWF is a multi-issue community-organizing and policy-advocacy organization that fights for policy changes that would benefit women, transgender, and non-binary Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders.

• Gateway Women’s Access Fund: Based in Missouri, Gateway provides both educational and financial support to people in the state who can’t afford the full cost of an abortion.

Volunteer as a clinic escort.

If you live in a state with a restrictive abortion ban — or nearby one — one tangible way to support abortion rights is to become a clinic escort. Find out more here.

Or, you can always see if one of the above organizations are seeking volunteers.