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| NOW | GEO-DESIGN, On View Through 11 November


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In occasion of Dutch Design Week 2018, Design Academy Eindhoven organized a new exhibition titled “Geo-Design”.

GEO—DESIGN approaches design from an investigative perspective, proposing a new format of research into the social, economic, geographical and geopolitical forces shaping the work of designers today. It traces the global flows of production and consumption, scanning online news portals, voices from global productive markets, stories from different geographies, interpreting them as starting points for design researches to be developed remotely or in the field.

The exhibition is on view through 11 November, 2018. If you are in Eindhoven, Netherlands, definitely check the show out.

| 6. FUTURE SHOCK | Things in the Slow and Steady Wins the Race Time Capsule for 2017

There are 6 days remaining in 2017 so we thought we would countdown and share with you some of the items and ideas we would put in our time capsule. For us they straddle the very specific space of the timely with the timeless; sometimes sublimely anachronistic, fundamentally classic, and are reflective of a value system we hold true to.

Future Shock by Alvin Toffler.

Now more important than ever a book to read and to re-read.