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“I’m A Shoe” by Cass McCombs from the album ‘Mangy Love,’ available now
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Director / Camera / Editor
Rachael Pony Cassells

Producer / Additional Camera
Malcolm Pullinger

Creation, destruction, boom, ghost. In the song I’m a Shoe, Cass references the California boomtown / ghost town of Bodie, a town that rose to peak population in the late 1800’s gold rush. As people swarmed Bodie and scrambled to strike it rich, the town developed an unrivaled reputation for great violence, murder and a much feared figure – the “Bad Man of Bodie.”

The video for I’m a Shoe was filmed at the ghost town of Mare Island, Vallejo, California which in the chronology of California boomtown /ghost towns, directly follows the demise of Bodie. Bodie’s official end and Mare Island’s boom both came about to service the needs of World War II. The Roosevelt’s government’s War Production Board ordered the closure of Bodie’s gold mines in order to divert labor and equipment to the requirements of the war. Mare Island peaked at this time employing over 40,000 people building warships and submarines, it now sits in ruins. It is a very compelling ghost town with a strange discomforting atmosphere. How will this next uncertain chapter of US history unfold? What will be swarmed, extracted or built? What will be abandoned in the future for the vultures to inherit?

-Rachael Pony Cassells

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