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| 10 | Slow and Steady Wins the Race Testimonials

Working at Slow and Steady Wins the Race was a turning point for me, being part of a label that not only changes your view on fashion by taking your basic every day fashion fundamentals and extending it to a collection of capabilities. Conceptually there is no other Label like Slow and Steady Wins the Race, having a readily available archive of every collection that has ever been released is no easy task, my many runs to the garment district were proof of that, However it always seem to come together. My favorite collection has always been the No 4 Sweats collection. Taking an ordinary sweatshirt and making it extraordinary by converting it into these statement pieces that can be used in everyday wear.

Working at a hands on studio, where one sees every aspect of the industry, and seeing the founder’s creative ideas and unique approaches to make her mark in fashion, although slightly chaotic at times( as would be anywhere) was both inspiring and fulfilling. Preparing for fashion week installations was always the most exciting — never knowing what to expect each season. Having been part organizing many of the installations, it is difficult to pick just one favorite, but the one that stands out to me the most was the Department Store Installation, unveiling the Wedding Dress…

From the vintage perfume bottles, to the Slow and Steady Wins the Race logo embroidered towels to the spotlight Wedding Dress.. every aspect of that installation came together so beautifully…I wanted it to stay up forever. It was a privilege to have been part of Slow and Steady Wins the Race for several years and many, many projects.



Born in Brooklyn, New York as the youngest of four children to immigrant parents from Ecuador, Mayra Valencia was raised with traditional Latin American values and the streets smarts of a NYC kid. Her desire to be part of the fashion world began funny enough at age five while watching a Novela (a Spanish Soap Opera) about a seamstress turned fashion designer. She also spent most of her childhood summers in Ecuador watching her grandmother assemble & plate hundreds of earrings right in her home. Mayra would help her sort them by style and stone color, count them, play with them and be amazed by how sparkly and beautiful they all looked.
Chola was created in honor of her grandmother Rosa Jimenez de Valencia who images of being in an apron assembling earrings will forever be a part of Mayra, and her father is the most talented jeweler she has ever known. Chola is for her mother and father who always instilled their culture in her, and for all of her family and friends who have journeyed into this country in search of a better life. Chola is for them; a celebration of merging our cultures.

| 10 | Friends and Fan Testimonials: Rebecca Wu

“It’s not only a unique bag but an ultimate solution for a container. No matter what lifestyle you are in it fits in you the moment you see it.” – Rebecca Wu

I am a blogger and a owner of an e-commerce, my customers are mostly asian. My e-commerce site is http://www.weibo.com/bcbggirl. Me and my friends love your 4 way tote.

The 4 way tote is a successful collection and I believe to expand this collection into various colors and material will hit the market and impress on your potential customers.