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| Flashback Friday | Helmut’s influence

Screen shot 2013-09-05 at 3.56.44 AM Helmut Langs F/W 1998 campaign

Helmut Lang may be more synonymous with a brand than the designer himself today, but in 1998 the man behind the name was making big changes happen in fashion. Lang’s practices not only revolutionized clothing, but the whole temporal structure of fashion week, particularly here in New York. With another fashion week starting let us take a look at one little known yet landmark innovation.

In 1998 Lang made an important decision just days before his Fall/Winter collection was to be shown. Opting out of the normal runway show, Lang showed his collection with models, no audience, and streamed the entire event live on the internet. This may seem common practice today with sites such as NowFashion feeding immediate, live photos and style.com following in their footsteps, but at the time this move was completely radical. This approach shifted the center of attention onto the clothes and not the spectacle of a show, something Lang always aimed for with his often bare bones presentations; and, while it isolated some, it also broadened his audience to the then still young internet platform. Looking at the influence of today’s bloggers and websites have had in democratizing fashion today this small change of plans was a huge forbearer of what was to come.