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OCAILLE is a multi-label boutique located in a vintage apartment in Tokyo.

“We sell vintage articles and contemporary creative brands, which we believe have a stylish, elegant and unique atmosphere.  Clothes, accessories , porcelains etc various items which we sourced in countries mainly in Europe, are displayed along side each other carefully selected in a space resembling a gallery.”

| Flashback Friday | Fruits

various issues of FRUITS magazine

various issues of FRUITS magazine

In the contemporary fashion landscape, how pieces are styled on showgoers and editors is just as important as how they look on the runway. Street style has now become as recognized and as lucrative as many other parts of the industry, but there was a time this wasn’t always the case. Before the circus of street blogs and photographers, there was one very important street style publication with no focus on fashion week  at all.

FRUiTs magazine was founded in 1997 by photographer Soichi Aoki, and put a spotlight on Japanese street fashion, particularly of Japanese youth. The magazine presented its subjects honestly without pretense or judgement. FRUiTs highlighted the inventiveness and ingenuity of Japanese style and presented it to the larger sphere of fashion. Creative mashings of eastern and western subculture’s were taken to extremes. These were not looks built from trends but an ingestion and regurgitation of what Japanese youth saw and listened to. While some subjects would have designer looks, it was more common for the captions of FRUiTs to be filled with Japanese brands a foreign reader hadn’t heard of.

FRUiTs was an early showcase for Japanese streetstyle and inspired other publications and websites such as : droptokyo and streetsnap.jp —  that let japanese street style come into the international scene and brewed up interest in street style in the Western world.

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Street style is now even more at the forefront. It has spiraled outward into a field of performers and profiteers each looking to capitalize on the phenomenon of the stylish stranger. Looking at FRUiTS (which is still continuing to this day) we know the clothes aren’t merely in service to some projected knowledge of trends but an integral style inherent in each individual.

For the archives of FRUiTs, visit this tumblr.

– Studio of Slow and Steady Wins the Race