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| SSWTR & Friends | MoMA Pop Rally

with Kim Gordon and Bill Nace
featuring a DJ set by Kathleen Hanna

This performance is held in conjunction with There Will Never Be Silence: Scoring John Cage’s 4’33”, which commemorates John Cage’s “silent” composition 4’33” which is performed before a piano without striking a note. This radical gesture upended the conventional structure of music, shifting attention from the performer to the audience, and allowing for endless possibilities of ambient sounds to fill the space. The exhibition takes an expansive look at the impact of 4’33”, featuring Dada, Fluxus, Minimalist, and Conceptual artists who pushed preconceived boundaries of space, time, and physicality to new ends. Driven on impulses from No Wave’s performativity, time-bending cinematic media, and Cagean chance operations, Body/Head is a project that, like 4’33”, challenges the conventions of the concert experience.


| Now | The Riot Grrrl Collection: Book Launch

The Riot Grrrl Collection: Book Launch

May 29, 6:30, Fales Library Reading Room


Lisa Darms, Curator of the Riot Grrrl Collection and editor of the Riot Grrrl Collection book, invites book contributors Ramdasha Bikceem (GUNK zine), Johanna Fateman (Artaud-Mania zine, and essayist for the book) and Kathleen Hanna (Bikini Kill; My Life With Evan Dando, Popstar zine; and more) to discuss their contributions to the book, their donations to the collection, and their perspective on Riot Grrrl 20 years later.