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On the Slow and Steady Wins the Race journal, we have a weekly feature : SATURDAY STORE PROFILE, where we’ll take a look at some our favorite stores and the people behind them. Here and long overdue is a quick look into Linda Dresner in Birmingham, Michigan, our first stockist and a testament that good design can withstand the test of time. Visit in person.

Ultimate Wishlist from Linda Dresner : “I continue to wish that my clients love what I choose for the store.. for them..they are always on my mind..I also wish that my staff also appreciates the store..the merchandise, the ambiance..how important it is to keep our store organized and beautiful and to treat each client that comes in (even if we don’t know them) as a guest..to remember to take care of the merchandise and displays..it is so important to keep the dream going… The rest is in my personal life..to love my beautiful husband and children, to stay well and provide a peaceful home..and peace in the world..and there it is.. “

For more details on the store : visit here.

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