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First commercial airplane flight


The first commercial transport flight with an airplane took place on November 7, 1910, when Phil O. Parmalee carried two bolts of silk on his Wright Model B from Dayton to Columbus, Ohio. The world’s first air-freight shipment was sponsored by the Morehouse-Martens Department Store as a publicity event.
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On 7 November 1910, Parmelee became the first pilot to transport commercial cargo. His flight took him 65 miles (105 km) from Dayton, Ohio, carrying a package of 100 pounds of silk valued between $800 and $1,000 for the opening of a store. Parmelee’s route took him from Dayton to Columbus, Ohio by way of South Charlestonand London, following the route of the old National Road. Newspaper clippings quoted the Wright brothers as stating he covered the distance in 66 minutes, but the flight was officially recorded at 57 minutes, a world speed record at the time.
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